Thursday, March 3, 2011


If New York is the city then Washington is the museum. Everything about Washington seems to have been thoroughly designed; from the magnificent boulevards and the illustrious buildings, to the street benches and lamps. All the ingredients of the city sit in perfect harmony and absolute formality, celebrating the capital of the United States. Everything is so clean and polished. The subway stations are much more representative than those of New York. Even the people seem prettier and more finely-dressed.

The National Mall is the main open public space in the city. It can be said that the National Mall is a miniature Central Park. However, if the Central Park is designed so as to imitate nature, following the English tradition of landscape design, then the National Mall is designed with formal axises, according to the French tradition. Majestic and distinct buildings define the National Mall, engulfing it: museums, galleries and important governmental and historical buildings, such as the Lincoln Temple, the Capitol and the White House. In short, one can hardly visit everything (even if, like me, you're staying for three days) because there is so many of these buildings.

Following the footsteps of a local friend I managed to visit a special place in Washington which tourists normally don't find and are hardly interested in. Near the Washington airport there's a small park in which people mysteriously, regularly though, gather. These people don't trouble to go out of their cars. They stay inside, to keep from the cold, and wait until... 
as if coming out of nowhere, you see a huge airplane, few tens of meters floating above you - it just took off (video soon)!

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