Friday, April 22, 2011

05.01.2011 - 21.04.2011

Home. I am in my old room... typing. It's rainy. Nothing too much to say. I'm slightly shocked and bereaved at the end of these past four months. I could have told you, on this dull, gray Saturday, my journey ends, about what had happened to me upon landing and afterwards. But that is the beginning of a new story - the story of climbing to old routine and of gradual renewal. That might be the subject of a new blog, but this present one is ended.........................................................................................................................


LH 471: The Flight That Was Cancelled

The Chinese have a saying: be careful what you wish for. The eleventh hour moment which I was anticipating came to pass. I sat for two and a half hours in the plane before the announcement came: there's a missing part in the plane's engine and because of this the flight has to be cancelled! The airline company is paying for my food and accommodation for the next three days. My current address is: the International Toronto Airport, the Sheraton Hotel.      

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New-York-Wannabe Toronto

I've chosen to spend the finale few days of my trip in Toronto (partly because I spent only one memorable night in Toronto about a month ago and ever since I kept in mind that I should come back). 
Toronto is probably the most important city in Canada - you can tell from the moment you enter it. Also, it's very hard to miss how much the city looks towards New York for urban inspiration. The Toronto subway is very New-York-like and the Dundas Square is a miniature Times Square. Be that as it may, the city is still vibrant and distinct in its own way. The automatic toilet cube, for instance, which stands on one of the sidewalks opens its doors for you when you insert your 25 cents letting you in for the best wee of your life (with commentary and relaxing music in the background)! And, the St. Lawrence market in the old area is probably the best market I've been to in North America.

As you can see, there's a lot of starchitecture here as well such as buildings by Calatrava, Lipskind and West 8.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dead-of-Night Exit

No time was left. Packing had to begin; unpaid bills had to be paid; unsent letters had to be sent; and favors had to be returned. The clock was ticking - time was inpatient. My hours in Ottawa were numbered and soon they became minutes and eventually the countdown ended. The game was over. The taxi I ordered came exactly on time. It felt as if the way out of the city was presenting itself so easily and I wasn't ready to leave... not yet. I was swimming against the strong, treacherous flow. I was waiting for something to happen... some unexplained excuse in the eleventh hour that would compel me to stay. But it didn't come. I recalled the events of the past few months - such memories! But the bus arrived at the alloted hour and it drove me out of those memories, out of Ottawa... out of home.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finale Presentation

So... the finales. The presentation went quite well. Although I've finished working on it, it's still very hard for me to judge my own work at this stage because I am still "immersed" in it. Designing a place of worship was quite an experience. Besides the architectural qualities of the projects it felt as if you learn one thing or two about the different religions - and there are so many of them. The most interesting thing is the similarity of themes sometimes found in seemingly opposite religions.  

It was my finale day in the university. Towards evening I went to visit the studio, which looked entirely different post presentation, post war... so much more rubbish... and then I took the O-train for the last time. What a cathartic day.  

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April's Fool Day!

Because of the hot temperatures many camels occupy Ottawa's streets these days. They sit lazily on the side of the street or either stroll gently and quietly without disturbing the daily routine.