Tuesday, March 8, 2011

French Montreal

Montreal is located in Quebec (Ottawa being in Ontario). Quebec is a French province.
Montreal is a very young city. It is very funky as well. Many people are with tattoos and a lot smoke and it is less clean than Ottawa.

The food is magnificent, as you can probably imagine. I dined in a French restaurant and it was exceptional. In this particular restaurant the recipe of the meal I took is said to be so good that they keep the recipe secretly. And the bread... oh, the bread...

Montreal has striking architecture, very constructive. Also, you see many different styles dispersed higgledy-piggledy all over the city. One famous building there is Moshi Sadfdi's (him again) Habitat 67 dwellings. The building imitates the form of a vernacular village. Obviously, Safdi grew in Haifa, and one can't really mistake the inspiration for his project.

In Vieux Montreal (Old Montreal) there are many galleries and nice restaurants. The city in this area is so alive. During the day some activities for children took place and during the night there was what the locals call "White Night", which  basically means that at nightfall, all across the city at the different subway stations, night activities take place and people can take the subway, free of charge for one exclusive night, and have a look at what's happening in the different stations. It was surprising to see how people, despite the cold, go out and dance and have fun.              

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