Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished

The drawing release of iPad2 in Canada evoked interesting phone calls from some of my friends back home. I, however, have always had only remote interest in these things, if any. So, as you might imagine, yesterday on 18:12 Canada time, I was standing like everyone else in the winding line for Apple store. 
One of my very best friends, Dizi, gave me specific instructions on how to pass the day with an iPad2 in my hands before Canada ran out of them. He was so thorough and accurate in his instructions that he almost sounded like a general planning his next military campaign and he demanded his white 16 GB iPad2, only WiFi, with tanned leather cover, now!
The whole experience of buying the iPad2 was a funny one. Some Apple workers were approaching the queuing people, in turn, asking them what are the specifications of their wished iPad2s - colour, size, etc... They might as well have been asking what sort of salad do you want in your falafel sandwich - any humus?
Upon entering the crowded store, each customer was accompanied by a personal Apple employee, in order to quicken the process. And when I eventually stepped out of the store, even though it was not intended for me, I couldn't help but feel a slight guilt for having acquired the iPad to begin with - what could this device hold that a regular computer doesn't?
I guess I will have to wait a little further to discover this troubling crypt. For the time being, the Apple box will sit beside my bed, unopened and unscathed, until it becomes dog-eared and shabby. 
Your good health, Dizi!

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