Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urbanism In 10 Days

Yesterday Igor and I handed our first assignment. The job was to choose a bad urban space in the city of Ottawa and to suggest a fix, in 10 days! Just to add some proportion to the tale, urban projects in the Technion take at the very least three months to produce. So, being unfamiliar with the city we decided to choose an urban space close to where we live for the sake of documenting and scrutinizing it properly: Carling O-train station.
During the work on this short exercise we wished if we only had more time to perfect it; indeed, as time went on, we got attached to it. But sometimes you just have to let go.  
What is curious is that only 2 weeks after our arrival in Ottawa we already had a suggestion for an intervention in the city, very nearby. Obviously, now, whenever I take the O-train to Carleton I always walk through the parking where we made the intervention and I never see what is there in reality but rather what I have in my head.

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