Thursday, January 13, 2011

Farewell, Haifa - Hello, Ottawa!

After more than 26 hours of travelling - needless to say the flight I took was a four-hours delayed one - I arrived in Ottawa, at last. And so, leaving everything behind and knowing almost virtually nothing about Ottawa, nothing about Canada even, my journey began. I settled with my loyal friend, Igor, in a quiet and suburban-like neighborhood in Ottawa called "Little Italy" where we rented our apartment. Little Italy is proving to be quite nice and so is the apartment.
Anyway, all of this is not important compared to the cold here. It is nothing like any cold I have experienced in my life. I obviously knew it is going to be very cold before booking my ticket, but however hard I tried to mentally prepare myself for it, stepping out of Ottawa's airport gates for the first time was like hell. Therefore, new shoes where now in order. But other than that the clothes I brought with me from home seem to be fairly coping.
Using the O-train (Ottawa train) I travel daily to Carleton University. The journey takes about 10 minutes, carrying us from Carling station, which is the name of the area I live in, to Carleton station. The O-train is quite comfortable, especially because it's heated and once inside you would hardly want to get out to your final destination. 

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