Monday, January 31, 2011

My "Russian" Center

Work on the core exercise had commenced. Everyone in the studio had started producing their schematic diagrams for their future buildings. The program goes like this: each student must produce a building which includes a worship assembly place (pertaining to a very specific religious group; for instance, in my case, it's Russian Orthodoxy) and a gymnasium. Everyone was given the choice of working in one of either two lots in Ottawa: the first is in Rideau St./Cumberland St. intersection while the other is in Summerset St./Aurthur St. intersection (My choice was of the former).
What I have decided to do is to create a common base for both the church and the gym. I call this base, for want of a better word, "the museum" and it includes multi-functional spaces (such as galleries and administration area) making it appropriate also for people who attend the church and the gym; basically, it acts as a common denominator for the two and it makes the different ingredients work as in one complex
Also, the roof of the museum is at a moderate slope, creating an extended open public space, which people can go on top of, from the sidewalk.

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