Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Gallery

The National Gallery, a hideous and clumsy-looking building, is actually quite a piece of art for itself if one should only go inside it. Designed by Moshe Safdie, a Canadian-Israeli architect originally from Haifa (an architect I never really went as far as to trust), the building consists of some great collection of dramatic and sophisticated spaces, and is also the home to some great pieces of art; local and international, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, historical and contemporary.
Being a hardcore photography fan and being a professional photographer himself, my friend, Igor, insisted that we go to the contemporary photography section first. But, unfortunately, soon we took it from a gallery representative that this particular section has been shut down some months ago and that it does not exist anymore.
Whether because he was utterly disappointed or whether because he's a born photographer, Igor spent the rest of the evening taking with his camera his own artistic photographs so as to cover up for the lack of them in the Gallery.
Here's the result, brought to you courtesy of Igor Grushko.


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